Magneto-optical recording medium


PURPOSE: To obtain a magneto-optical recording medium having a satisfactory reproduction S/N by providing a chalcogenite film on a substrate as an optical guide. CONSTITUTION: A chalcogenite film 9 and a magneto-optical magnetic film 10 are laminated on a substrate 8, the refractive index N1 of the film 9 shows N1+ to the right-turn circular polarized light and N1- to the left-turn circular polarized light respectively. In the same way, the refractive index N2 of the film 10 has two types of indexes N2+, N2-. The area of refractive indexes (N1+, N1-) and the area of (N'1+, N'1-) are arranged alternately on the same plane containing a large difference between the reflection factor R and the Kerr rotational angle θ k . Thus either one of these two areas can be used as an optical guide. In other words, the optical guide is set at the area of (N1+, N1-), for example, for follow-up of tracks. As a result, the stable recording/ reproducing and erasing jobs are ensured with no increase of reproduction noises produced by follow-up of tracks with use of a geometrical groove. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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