Change transfer type solid-state imaging device


PURPOSE:To reduce the area occupied by an overflow transistor and to contrive increasing the signal storage capacity and the sensitivity of a photodiode by providing the overflow MOS transistor in the element separation region between an optoelectric transducer and an adjacent charge transfer device and by forming the gate with part of a conductive wiring. CONSTITUTION:A plurality of optoelectric transducers 1, charge transfer devices 7, 2 and 3 for reading the optical signal charge stored in the optoelectric transducers, and an overflow MOS transistor 8 for discarding the excessive optical signal charge are integrated on the same semiconductor substrate. In such a charge transfer type solid-state imaging device, the element separation region between the charge transfer device 2 and the adjacent optoelectric transducer 1 is allocated to the overflow MOS transistor B and a conductive wiring 10' runs across the element separation region. At least the gate electrode 8'of the overflow MOS transistor 8 is made of part of the above-mentioned conductive wiring 10'. This enables effectively providing the overflow MOS transistor without the reduction of an aperture rate and restraining blooming perfectly.




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