Liquid crystal light valve


PURPOSE: To improve the contrast of a liquid crystal light valve by eliminate a defect in orientation due to the step of a mask edge part. CONSTITUTION: A liquid crystal light valve is so constituted that a light shield mask 1 which has opposite windows of different size is formed by sandwiching smetic liquid crystal between a couple of electrode substrates 3 and 4, and the thickness of the light shield mask on the side of one electrode substrate 3 is specified below 1,500Å so that the transmissivity of visible light is ≤5%. Consequently, the disorder of the orientation of liquid crystal due to the step is made hard to occur and even if the disorder of the orientation occurs at the periphery of the mask edge part of the lower substrate which has the step of 3,000Å, this defect in orientation is hidden by the mask of the upper substrate and never appears at a microshutter part. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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