Coordinate input pen


PURPOSE: To minimize the loss of vibrations from a vibrating element by specifying a position with a coordinate pen which is supported at the node position of a vibration transmission part for transmitting the vibrations of the vibrating element. CONSTITUTION: A horn 3a where a flange 12 is supported is fixed to the holder 13 of the input pen 1. When a point on the vibration transmission body 5 as a coordinate input board is specified with the input pen 1, the vibrating element 2 receives a signal from a pulse generator 10 to vibrate and its vibrations are transmitted to the born 3a. Piezoelectric elements 7aW7c as receiving elements measure respective delay times and calculate the coordinate position of a contact point 6 specified with the input pen 1 from a specific calculation expression. Thus, the born 3a of the input pen 1 is made coincident with the driving frequency and the resonance frequency of the vibrating element 2 to propagate an elastic wave of set frequency to the vibration transmission body 5. Therefore, electric signals obtained by the piezoelectric elements 7aW7c have no waveform disorder and high-accuracy and high-resolution coordinate input is performed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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