Control system for application of system resources

  • Inventors: HIROHASHI AKIRA
  • Assignees: Nec Corp
  • Publication Date: June 08, 1988
  • Publication Number: JP-S63136245-A


PURPOSE:To ensure the control of application for system resources together with kept secrecy by setting >=2 pairs of passwords and permitting the application of system resources in accordance with an optionally selected one of those pairs of passwords. CONSTITUTION:When a setting request is given from a terminal equipment 11, a password setting part 17 sets pairs of inquiry sentences (a)-(d) corresponding to four passwords (w)-(z) into a control column related to the resources A of a resources control table 20 via a password setting request part 13. Then an allocating request is given from the equipment 11 via a resources allocating request part 14. Thus a resources allocating part 18 checks the table 20 to detect that the passwords are set and informs two pairs of passwords (w) and (z) and sentences (a) and (d) selected by a password selecting part 19 to the part 18. A password inquiring part 15 outputs the sentences (a) and (d) to the equipment 11 and inquires of a user about passwords. The part 18 checks the propriety of the password inquiring character string designated by the user, the passwords themselves and the pairs of passwords respectively to perform the allocation of resources and also to inform this allocation to the part 14 as long as said propriety is confirmed.




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