Device for adjusting load applied to head in flexible disk device


PURPOSE: To always obtain a constant pressing force by providing a member varying the height of a projection of a head support at the stator side vertically butted to a projection of a head support at the moving side. CONSTITUTION: In loading a recording medium 1 at a prescribed position in a flexible disk device, a head support 3 at the moving side is descended till a projection 3c provided to the support 3 is butted to a tip 6a of an adjusting member 6 provided to a projection 5c at the center of a head support 5 of a stator side while its height is adjustable by a spring force of the plate shaped elastic body 3b. A magnetic head 2 at the moving side and a magnetic head 4 at the stator side are pressed respectively to an upper and a lower face of the recording medium 1 by a pressing force in response to the deflection of the elastic bodies 2a, 2a. Then, the pressing force is decided by the height of the tip 6a of the adjusting member 16 and the projection 3c and the spring constant of the elastic bodies 2a, 4a provided to the magnetic heads 2, 4. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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