Multi-media electronic mail system


PURPOSE: To display a picture in a timing corresponding to a voice at a reception terminal equipment even if a sender terminal equipment sends a picture in the timing designated to the voice by sending still picture information for the time required for sending the still picture information prior to the sending of the voice information. CONSTITUTION: An electronic mail system 1 has a mail box 2 and connected to the sender terminal equipment 3 and the reception terminal equipment 4 via voice channels 5a, 5b, picture channels 6a, 6b and control channels 7a, 7b. The voice information and the still picture information stored in the mail box 2 of the electronic mail system 1 are distributed to the reception terminal equipment 4 between times t n and t n+10 . In applying mail distribution start at the time t n , a 1st picture is sent to a picture channel 6b from a time t n+1 and a 2nd pattern is sent from the time t n+5 . Thus, the 1st pattern is displayed at the time t n+2 and the 2nd pattern is displayed at a time t n+6 respectively at the reception terminal equipment 4 together with the voice information. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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