Method and device for reaction type film formation at high speed


PURPOSE: To stably form a thin film having a desired compsn. in a physical vapor deposition method by specifying the electric current to be passed to an anode electrode between a substrate and evaporation source and the output of the electron beam to be applied to the evaporation source. CONSTITUTION: The anode electrode 2 and earth electrode 3 in a vacuum treatment vessel 1 are cooled by water cooling jackets 4. The electron beam is applied from a Pierce type electron gun 7 to a material 6 to be evaporated in a crucible 5 to melt and evaporate said material. A reactive gas is introduced into the vessel from a nozzle 10. ≥100A current is passed to the anode electrode in the above-mentioned constitution and the output of the electron beam to be applied to the material 6 is specified to ≥25kW, by which the film is formed on the substrate 9. The reaction is thereby accelerated and the thin film having the desired component compsn. is stably formed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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