Electronic blackboard


PURPOSE: To make an electronic blackboard have multi-function by storing pictures and writing information written on a writing medium in an electronic medium and reading out the pictures and writing information stored in the electronic medium so as to be reproduced on the writing medium. CONSTITUTION: A line image sensor, for example, is used as a picture reading means 26 and reads the picture information on the writing medium 7 every line to execute a photoelectric conversion and a floppy disk drive 31 records a picture signal converted into a digital signal by an A/D conversion part 28 in a floppy disk 32 in a specified format. The floppy disk drive 38 reads out the pictures and writing information recorded in the floppy disk 39 and outputs it to a writing means 37 as the picture signal. As the writing means 37 an ink jet head, for example, is used so as to form the picture on the writing medium 7. Thus, the input/output of the pictures and writing information on the electronic blackboard can be freely executed with the electronic medium, so that the multi-function of the electronic blackboard can be enhanced. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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