Light source for display


PURPOSE: To obtain a light source, which has a long lifetime and excellent luminous power conversion efficiency and from which heat is hardly generated, by integrally constituting the conditions of connection for connection to a power supply, a light-emitting means consisting of a plurality of light-emitting diodes and a drive means receiving power from the connecting means and lighting the light-emitting means. CONSTITUTION: A light source for display is organized of an illuminant 2, in which a large number of light-emitting diodes LEDs are arranged onto the same plane, and a drive circuit 3 being mounted at the back of the illuminant 2 and controlling lighting. A front cover 4 diffusing or converging beams is set up on the illuminant 2 side and a lamp vessel 5 receiving the illuminant 2 and the circuit 3 on the circuit 3 side, and these front cover and lamp vessel are unified by using a screw and a mouthpiece 6 for the vessel 5 is screwed into a lamp-socket not shown. In the constitution, an AC power, a diode, transistors Q 1 , Q 2 , a drive circuit DRC and resistors R 1 , R 2 and the like are incorporated into the drive circuit section 3, each color of the LED is flashed alternately or simultaneously, and the light source is fitted to either of indoor use or outdoor one. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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