Smoke sensor


PURPOSE: To achieve a higher accuracy eliminating uneven output, by making an electrode spherical for a larger surface area while it is stuck out into an exhaust manifold to enhance the output from a manifold sensor. CONSTITUTION: Smoke discharged from a diesel engine flows along an exhaust manifold 2 and hits the center electrode 14 of a smoke sensor 1 to generate an induction current with the action of smoke charged positively and a metal surface of the electrode 14. As the electrode 14 made spherical provides a large surface area while sticking out to the center within the manifold 2, it is allowed to contact smoke flowing along a pipe inner wall 18 without stagnation to generate the induction current remarkably. This enhances an output from the smoke sensor 1 while eliminating uneven output, thereby achieving a higher accuracy. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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