Semiconductor integrated circuit


PURPOSE: To expand a depletion layer at a field-edge part and to protect the part by forming a protruding part of a drain electrode. CONSTITUTION: Above a field insulating film 6 on the side of a drain 3 of a surge-absorbing transistor at an input protection circuit, a protruding part 5a of a drain electrode is formed in such a way that a drain electrode 5 of said transistor protrudes in the direction to cover the field insulating film 6 from an edge part of the field insulating film 6 on the side of said drain and with a length which is longer than the half (d/2) of the thickness (d) obtained by summing up the thickness of the field insulating film 6 and that of an interlayer insulating film 7. With this structure, if a surge is input to the drain electrode 5 through an input pad 1, a depletion layer, which is spread at the circumference of the drain 3 and is located especially at the edge part of the field insulating film, is spread in the direction away from the drain 3 due to the surge (high potential) applied to the protruding part of the drain electrode; as a result, an electric field near the field-edge part is weakened and the part is protected. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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