Image input device


PURPOSE:To obtain stable image data on a color look-up table (CLUT) regardless of the characteristic variance of an equipment and the expertness and personality of a user, by indicating interactively color information and sending the coordinate value to a CLUT producing device when the inputted image data is transformed into the CLUT. CONSTITUTION:An original A is converted into a RGB digital image via a color camera 1 and an image input device 2 and stored in a memory 3. The output of the memory 3 is supplied to the CLUT producing device 4 for production of the CLUT and this CLUT is stored in a CLUT memory 5. An image converting device 6 produces a CLUT image from the CLUT information on the device 4 and the image data on the memory 3. The CLUT image is stored in a memory 7 and at the same time decoded into the image data by a CLUT image decoding device 8 to be displayed on a display device 9. A user looks at the displayed image data and original A to supply the coordinates of each point of the same color to the device 4 and changes the CLUT so that all designated points have the same color.




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