Surface temperature sensor


PURPOSE: To facilitate assembling work by preventing the movement of a molded body at the time of the winding of a tape and to enhance durability and detection accuracy, by a method wherein the cylindrical projection of a mount case is received in the piercing hole provided to the molded body fixing a heat-sensitive element to locate the mount case. CONSTITUTION: A molded body 10 or foamed molded body has rubbery elastic force and is provided with a recessed notch groove and a piercing hole 11, and a heat-sensitive element 14 is fixed to the notch groove of the molded body 10 by a resin 15 excellent in heat resistance so that the surface of the substrate of said element 14 is made flush with the upper surface of the molded body 10. A mount case 12 is composed of a heat resistant resin and, since the cylindrical projection 13 of the mount case 12 is provided to a housing part for housing the molded body 10, the projection 13 is inserted and received in the piercing hole 11 of the molded body 10 to facilitate positioning or the tape winding work of a protective tape 16. Since the inclination of the heat-sensitive element 14 is eliminated and the surface of the heat-sensitive element can be perfectly and closely contacted with an article to be measured when set to said article, not only detection accuracy but also durability are enhanced. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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