Electronically controlled fuel injecting device for internal combustion engine


PURPOSE: To check a sudden change in air-fuel ratio near change-over time for inputting throttle valve opening to control a shock due to acceleration and deceleration by correcting detected value read on a secondary detector on detected deviation between the primary and the secondary detector at said change-over time. CONSTITUTION: A throttle valve opening sensor is composed of the primary detector B for detecting in the area of a narrow valve opening and the secondary detector C for detecting in the area of a wide valve opening. At change- over time for inputting the valve opening, a computing means E for difference in detected values determines deviation between detected value read on said primary detector B and that read on said secondary detector C, and a correcting means F corrects the secondary detected value on said difference in said detected values. Thus a sudden change in the detected values near said change- over time can be checked for the prevention of the sudden change in air-fuel ratio. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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