Lighting up and out device for vehicle


PURPOSE:To obtain determination of safe, positive and proper turning on and putting out of a lamp in a complex driving condition of a vehicle such as stop- and-go driving, quick starting and quick stopping by performing time setting for determining the timing for turning on or putting out the lamp and others in accordance with a clock from an incorporated clock generator. CONSTITUTION:There are provided a sensor 2 for detecting rotation of a tires, a sensor 3 for detecting movement of a speedmeter needle and a switch 28 controlled by a driver for turning on and putting out a lamp. Output signals from these elements are entered into a logical control circuit 10 through respective output circuits 8, 9, 6 in a lamp turning-on and putting-out control circuit 4. The logical control circuit 10 into which a clock signal from a clock generator 11 is entered causes a lamp 7 to be turned on after ten seconds from starting in accordance with the output signal from the sensor 2 during low speed driving such as stop-and-go driving, and causes the lamp 7 to be turned on immediately in accordance with the output signal from the sensor 3 at quick starting. At stopping in an intersection or the like, it is put out after a predetermined time, and at quick stopping it is kept on.




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