Diamond wheel and formation thereof


PURPOSE: To make a grinding ratio larger and reduce the wear as well as to solve a problem on loading, by laminating each unit abrasive grain layer different in grinding performance each in the radial direction alternately in a state of positioning a fusion layer in between, and setting this laminated surface down to a grinding surface. CONSTITUTION: A ceramic material grinding diamond wheel 2 being bonded to a cup wheel type base metal is constituted in the following processes that plural unit abrasive grain layers 3 and 4 to be sintered and formed in a ring form by diamond abrasive grains 6 and a binder 7 are closely laminated and unitized in one in the radial direction, while a fusion layer 5 made up of fusing both these unit abrasive grain layers 3 and 4 with each other is formed and situated in a boundary part in space where these plural unit abrasive grain layers 3 and 4 are adjoined, and this laminated surface is set down to a grinding surface. Crushing power of the diamond abrasive grains 6 forming these adjoined unit abrasive grain layers 3 and 4 and holding power of the binder 7 are set to the different value. In addition, at the fusion layer 5, each composition of these abrasive grains 6 and the binder 7 of both these unit abrasive grain layers 3 and 4 adjoined to each other is mixed up, holding intermediate physical properties of these unit abrasive grain layers 3 and 4. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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