Belt grinding attachment


PURPOSE:To make a finished surface better as well as to prolong a span of service life, by installing a contact belt between a contact wheel and a driving wheel, and also installing a grinding belt on the outer circumference. CONSTITUTION:A driving wheel 36 is installed between a contact wheel 32 and a pulley 34 and a contact belt is also installed therein, while at the outer circumferential side, a grinding belt 42 is stretched across the contact wheel 32 and the pulley 34. Therefore, since there is no drive motor or pulley, etc., in a part of the contact wheel 32, even if a diameter of the contact wheel 2 is made smaller, a range interfering with a workpiece is little so that an indeterminate workpiece, for example, a small diametral (R) concave surface or the like become grindable. And, since the contact wheel 32 part itself comes to a travel driving part of the grinding belt 42, even if tension is weak, belt travel is stabilized, making a grinding finished surface relatively better, and a span of service life is prolongable.




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