Apparatus for producing thin oxide film


PURPOSE: To obtain a thin oxide film which has no crystal defects and has the density approximate to a bulk value by depositing a thin film on a substrate by molecular beam vapor deposition in a high vacuum and setting O + or O 2 + at specific energy, then projecting the same to the deposited film on the substrate. CONSTITUTION: This apparatus for producing the thin oxide film has a substrate holder 2 for heating the substrate 3 provided in a film forming chamber 11 and molecular beam vapor deposition sources 8, 8', 9 for evaporating the material deposited on the substrate 3 by the molecular beams and is constituted in the following manner. An ionization chamber 10 for forming plasma and drawing out oxygen ions at 10W50kev energy from said plasma, a mass separator 13 for separating only the O + or O 2 + ions from the oxygen ions from the chamber 10 and a decelerating electrode 12 for decelerating the above-mentioned oxygen ions to 10W200ev are provided to the above-mentioned apparatus. The decelerated oxygen ions are projected simultaneously with the vapor deposition to the thin film deposited on the substrate 3 under the high vacuum. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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