Starting fuel control device for engine


PURPOSE: To carry out the starting fuel control with a good accuracy irrespective of a difference in flow characteristics of independent fuel injection valves and an aged deterioration thereof, by executing the starting fuel supply control at cold starting on the basis of a learned value by feedback control in a normal operating region. CONSTITUTION: A fuel feedback means B is provided to correct a fuel injection quantity according to an output from an exhaust gas sensor A provided in an exhaust system. A basic value of feedback control by the means B is updated by an updating means C according to a feedback control quantity. The updated basic value is stored as a learned value by a storing means D every operational condition. A starting fuel control means E is provided to inject a predetermined quantity of fuel at starting of an engine. A starting fuel supply quantity correcting means F is provided to correct a starting fuel supply quantity at at least cold starting of the engine by using the learned value corresponding to the operational condition for carrying out supply of fuel in a quantity near a starting fuel quantity. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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