Wheel suspension device for automobile


PURPOSE:To enhance the longitudinal compliance and caster rigidity upon braking with the use of a double wishbone type wheel suspension device, by coupling the base ends of upper and lower control arms to upper and lower support arms projected from a vertical support shaft. CONSTITUTION:Moments are effected to upper and lower control arms 6, 7 by force exerted to an axle 1 from the ground surface, through a knuckle 2. Thereby, upper and lower support arms 13, 14 of a cylindrical shaft 12 are subjected to rotating moments in the same direction or opposite directions during rectilinear advance or upon braking, and therefore, the motions of both control arms 6, 7 are controlled. That is, when the wheel 1 goes over a projection on the road surface, both control arms 6, 7 are easily inclined rearward by that force through a cylindrical shaft 12 so that a large longitudinal compliance may be obtained. Upon braking, the moments of the upper and lower control arms 6, 7 are in opposite directions so that they are canceled out each other to enhance the caster rigidity.




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