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JP-S63100060-A: Manufacture of piezoelectric ceramic material patent, JP-S63100536-A: Adding circuit patent, JP-S6310256-A: Session control system between terminal and host computer patent, JP-S63103377-A: Processing system for transaction medium of automatic transaction device patent, JP-S63104204-A: Error preventing circuit by saddle for flexible disk device patent, JP-S63104569-A: Supervisory and controlling equipment with transmission speed changeover function patent, JP-S63104920-A: Aldose reactase inhibitor patent, JP-S63105611-A: Combine patent, JP-S63105790-A: Yarn passage controllable sewing machine patent, JP-S63106119-A: Wheel suspension device for automobile patent, JP-S63106344-A: Starting fuel control device for engine patent, JP-S63106957-A: Spindle supporting mechanism for magnetic disk device patent, JP-S63107269-A: Image processing system patent, JP-S63107392-A: Connecting equipment for incoming call while speaking patent, JP-S63107403-A: Method of controlling voltage of magnet of magnetic floating track patent, JP-S63107892-A: Apparatus for producing thin oxide film patent, JP-S63108270-A: Selector for state of operation patent, JP-S63108492-A: Guidance apparatus patent, JP-S63109605-A: Ceramic discriminator for fm patent, JP-S63110290-A: Stable hardened oil composition patent, JP-S63110482-A: Manufacture of copy stuffing for fish patent, JP-S63111249-A: Interrupt injection control device for electronical controlled gasoline injection type internal combustion engine patent, JP-S6311271-A: Belt grinding attachment patent, JP-S63112834-A: Information recording medium patent, JP-S6311283-A: Diamond wheel and formation thereof patent, JP-S63114363-A: Condensation eliminating system patent, JP-S6311459-A: Lighting up and out device for vehicle patent, JP-S63115583-A: New machine in vertical rotation type game machine patent, JP-S63116608-A: Plowing depth control apparatus of agricultural working machine patent, JP-S63117132-A: Electronically controlled fuel injecting device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S6311864-A: Method for controlling and optimizing industrial process patent, JP-S631186-A: Digital convergence device patent, JP-S63119899-A: Aeration device patent, JP-S63119928-A: Detection device for length of extruding material of extruder patent, JP-S63120232-A: Surface temperature sensor patent, JP-S63120372-A: Image input device patent, JP-S6312043-A: Route input method patent, JP-S63121216-A: Insulated bushing patent, JP-S6312159-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S63122173-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-S63122711-A: Catalyst for polymerization of olefins patent, JP-S63122944-A: Smoke sensor patent, JP-S63123000-A: Alignment of x ray optical system patent, JP-S63124097-A: Generation of spectrum reference pattern patent, JP-S63124479-A: Light source for display patent, JP-S63125049-A: Electronic blackboard patent, JP-S63125673-A: Method and device for reaction type film formation at high speed patent, JP-S63126494-A: Monoclonal or polycronal antibody patent, JP-S63127322-A: Mouse interface circuit patent, JP-S63127645-A: Multi-media electronic mail system patent, JP-S6312800-A: Special emboss processing of sheets patent, JP-S63128971-A: Printer patent, JP-S63129464-A: Memory access controller patent, JP-S63129796-A: Remote adjustment circuit for white balance patent, JP-S63130836-A: Sewage culvert patent, JP-S63131275-A: Interpicture arithmetic unit patent, JP-S63131576-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S63131954-A: Hot air space heater patent, JP-S63133156-A: Electrophotographic sensitive body patent, JP-S63133288-A: Display system patent, JP-S63133345-A: Device for adjusting load applied to head in flexible disk device patent, JP-S63135112-A: Filter and its production patent, JP-S63136245-A: Control system for application of system resources patent, JP-S63136574-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S63136722-A: Optical position detecting device patent, JP-S63139016-A: Improvement on purification of alumina patent, JP-S63139561-A: Method and apparatus for purifying blood patent, JP-S63140502-A: Temperature-sensitive material patent, JP-S63141763-A: Thermal head patent, JP-S6314219-A: Coordinate input pen patent, JP-S6314369-A: Magnetic disk device patent, JP-S63144323-A: Liquid crystal light valve patent, JP-S6314468-A: Change transfer type solid-state imaging device patent, JP-S63144964-A: Electrolytic grinding stone patent, JP-S63145733-A: Precipitation hardening material for casting mold for continuous casting patent, JP-S63146121-A: Driver for pointing device patent, JP-S63146257-A: Magneto-optical recording medium patent, JP-S63146512-A: Drive circuit for light emitting element patent, JP-S63147120-A: Automatic focusing device patent, JP-S63148016-A: Cooking ring for prevention of scorching patent, JP-S63148700-A: Flat package ic feeder patent, JP-S6315043-A: High pressure controller for air cooling type refrigerator patent, JP-S63151140-A: Confidential communication system patent, JP-S63151355-A: Apparatus for preparing compound membrane patent, JP-S63153080-A: Pinball game machine patent, JP-S6315321-A: Key input system patent, JP-S63154461-A: Ac electric locomotive patent, JP-S63155615-A: Photoresist wafer exposure system patent, JP-S6315592-A: Transmission system for extension telephone patent, JP-S63156067-A: Manufacture of zirconium titanate base ceramics patent, JP-S63156374-A: Light-emitting-element driving circuit patent, JP-S63156559-A: Device for producing package patent, JP-S6315671-A: Cross current control circuit of inverter device with constant voltage and constant frequency patent, JP-S63157010-A: Output correcting method for earthy magnetism sensor patent, JP-S63157554-A: Facsimile equipment with dew condensation preventing mechanism patent, JP-S63157744-A: Reducing method for top crop in continuous casting patent, JP-S63157995-A: Anti-human colon carcinoma monoclonal antibody acc-574 patent, JP-S63158673-A: Picture processor patent, JP-S63159591-A: Pressure belt for surface press patent, JP-S63160443-A: Synchronizing circuit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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